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Christmas favourites

Hi guys! So, you will probably never meet a bigger christmas lover than myself! In the middle of Summer, I crave the dark nights, the twinkly lights and the mulled wine. So I couldn't go through December without writing a little Christmassy post! P.s. to those doing Blogmas, I salute you! I can't even keep… Continue reading Christmas favourites


‘What are you going to do next..?’

Hey guys! Well, aren't I just the most useless blogger?! I haven't posted for months! 🙈 life has been extremely busy since my last post with final uni deadlines, starting my new job and life has just taken over really! However, here I am! 😊 So, as some of you know I have recently finished… Continue reading ‘What are you going to do next..?’


An (almost completely free) guide to Monmouthshire and Symonds Yat

Hey guys! Phew, it's been a while since my last post. I'm basically in stress central writing my final year honours project report for uni. Looking forward to getting it submitted in August and being freeeee 🎉 Anyway, as some of you that follow me on social media will know, last month I went away… Continue reading An (almost completely free) guide to Monmouthshire and Symonds Yat