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Christmas favourites

Hi guys! So, you will probably never meet a bigger christmas lover than myself! In the middle of Summer, I crave the dark nights, the twinkly lights and the mulled wine. So I couldn't go through December without writing a little Christmassy post! P.s. to those doing Blogmas, I salute you! I can't even keep… Continue reading Christmas favourites


‘What are you going to do next..?’

Hey guys! Well, aren't I just the most useless blogger?! I haven't posted for months! 🙈 life has been extremely busy since my last post with final uni deadlines, starting my new job and life has just taken over really! However, here I am! 😊 So, as some of you know I have recently finished… Continue reading ‘What are you going to do next..?’


An (almost completely free) guide to Monmouthshire and Symonds Yat

Hey guys! Phew, it's been a while since my last post. I'm basically in stress central writing my final year honours project report for uni. Looking forward to getting it submitted in August and being freeeee 🎉 Anyway, as some of you that follow me on social media will know, last month I went away… Continue reading An (almost completely free) guide to Monmouthshire and Symonds Yat


Sunshine Blogger Award Round Two..

So many wonderfully lovely bloggers have nominated me for awards throughout March and I've got a little behind on them due to health issues! I love answering peoples questions and as I was nominated again today (and desperately needed an excuse to stop doing uni work!), I thought I'd crack on with one! So here… Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award Round Two..