Cornwall 💕..

Is there anywhere more fabulous? I mean really?

Where it all began

So every year since I was born (and before I was born) our family would go on holiday to Cornwall. We all loved it so much! We’d get up at 3 am and travel through the early hours, it was so exciting! We’d stop at little chef on the way (dem pancakes! 😍). We would have the best couple of weeks no matter where we stayed in Cornwall.

Fast forward a few years

When I was 11 my mum and step dad told me we were moving from Milton Keynes to Cornwall. Now, to an 11 year old that is pretty bloody big. I remember crying because I wouldn’t be able to see my best friend anymore.

Off we went.

We lived in a small village in the middle of nowhere. I made lots of friends at school and in the village, everything was peachy! As you get older, living in the sticks limits teenage life! By the age of about 15 most of my friends lived in the closest town (still 8 miles away) so popping round to your mates wasn’t a thing for me really! There weren’t many things to do even in the town, no cinema, hardly any shops (the struggle was real). My mum and Step dad were great and would take me to friends whenever they could and we had great fun, things really weren’t bad at all looking back! But I developed a small amount of anger towards Cornwall about how it was ‘ruining my life’ (typical Kevin the teenager 😒).

When I was 18 I moved to Nottinghamshire for many different reasons. I have never missed a place so much in my entire life as much as I missed Cornwall. I wished every day that I’d never left. I missed my mum more than I ever thought possible. I missed the beauty of Cornwall, the scenery, the views, the sea, the moors

When I was 21 I came back to where my heart belongs.

The best decision I’ve ever made. I’ve never been happier. There is nowhere else on this earth that I would rather be.

My favourite places


Boscastle has always been and always will be my favourite place in Cornwall. There is a pink house that sits next to the River Valency and ever since I was little I’ve said I will live in it one day!

There’s a museum of witchcraft and magic! I mean how can somewhere that has such a thing not be your favourite place?! It houses the world’s largest and oldest collection of items relating to witchcraft and magic. It’s pretty awesome!

It has the most fantastic views when you walk up onto the top of the headland. I have lost count of how many times I’ve walked up there! There’s lots of other beautiful walks around Boscastle, some of which can be found here.

There are lots of cute little shops in the village. Including a real leather shop, a local pottery shop and artist galleries. My favourite shop is Otherworld, it sells witchcraft and magical artefacts and the bloke in there is lovely!


Another of my favourites is Mevagissey. I’m lucky to have my Nan, Grandad and Auntie living only a few miles from this beautiful place so I’ve spent a lot of time there.

The harbour is absolutely gorgeous and there is nothing better on a sunny day!

There’s lots more going on in Meva than Boscastle shop wise as it’s quite a bit bigger. Plenty of lovely gift shops and souvenir shops! My favourite shop is similar to the one in Boscastle. It’s called Lavender Pillow and its my first port of call every time I go. They have a website which you can find here.

There’s lots of great places to eat and drink in Meva. My favourite pub is The Fountain, the oldest pub in the village! They do gorgeous food and its a great pub to pop in for a pint!


Both places get pretty crazy in the summer months with tourists, but that just shows what fantastic places they are!

People who think there’s nothing to do in Cornwall (including my teenage self!) and that its just a place to retire to could not be more wrong!

And with views out of your bedroom window like this..Why would you want to be anywhere else!?

Oh..AND my town has a castle 😍

Have you ever been to Cornwall? Why not let me know what your favourite place in the world is in the comments!

P.S. I realise I’ve made it sound like I could potentially be a witch in this post..I can confirm I am not.

32 thoughts on “Cornwall 💕..

  1. Hey Withcypoo! Haha! Loved reading that! It’s always good to love your hometown, mine isn’t anywhere near as pretty as yours though! Funnily enough, my earliest memory is from when we were in holiday in Perran Sands when I was about 3! xx

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  2. I went to Cornwall for the first time last June and even though the weather was terrible we had an amazing time it’s such a beautiful place!! We stayed at Holywell Bay but my favourite place we visited was definitely St Ives!!

    Jess xx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. That is one rains a lot! haha. I’m glad you enjoyed it anyway though! 🙂 Ah yeah I think I stayed at Holywell Bay once when I used to come on holiday! Haven’t been there for a while actually, I must pay it a visit!
      St Ives is gorgeous! I was there a couple of weekends ago for the day, absolutely lovely day out down there! xx


      1. Yeah the rain doesn’t put me off! There’s not much actually by Holywell Bay but it was nice cause it was central enough that we could visit all the places we wanted to go without having to drive too far in one day!
        I’m so jealous I’d love to live close enough to be able to just go there when I wanted to!xx


  3. I live round the corner from Boscastle and can confirm it’s beautiful but you can’t go there in summer, it’s too full!
    Luckily it’s just as lovely during the rest of the year and there’s miles of clifftop walks and secret places to enjoy in the busy season too, the tourists don’t like to get too far from their car parks!

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      1. I have photos on my blog. Not many of Boscastle, it gets nearly pictured to death, but more of the cliffs and coast further north.

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  4. Somehow I have never visited Cornwall, so many people I know visit but I haven’t had the chance yet! Really enjoyed reading about your trip and getting to see your photos 🙂

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