What The Royal Wedding did for me..

Well..anyone that knows me will tell you that I am not a soppy bird at all. So, I’m sure you can realise my utter shock when I was welling up whilst watching the Royal Wedding on Saturday!

I hadn’t taken much interest in the wedding up until a couple of weeks before. It was all over the t.v..what’s the dress going to be like?! Who’s going to be there?! How mental will Beatrice and Eugenie’s hats be this time?! (Very disappointing by the way!) I found myself getting completely caught up in it all! I couldn’t wait for the big day to come round.

If I’m completely honest, I didn’t know who Meghan Markle was before they announced their engagement πŸ™ˆ. I may be the only person on earth not to have watched suits. But as soon as them engagement photos were released and people started talking about her more..Well what a woman! πŸ’ƒ a feminist, a charity worker and all round top gal!

And the wedding..How totally lush was that?! The guests. The flowers. The bridesmaids/page boys (SO cute!). The dress. My god, the dress 😍. When Harry lifted Meghan’s veil (MA HEART!) The beautiful and VERY powerful ceremony (that dude was fabulous). But mostly when Harry first saw Meghan, his face was just 😌

The last few years have been a bit of a girl power phase my end. I am happily single and have learnt that self love is pretty darn important! πŸ’ͺ However, something clicked in me whilst watching the Royal Wedding. Seeing this wonderful pair looking so in love, SO happy. A divorced, 36 year old actress and a prince..this would never have been happening in the Royal family back in the day! But she IS totally fabulous! And this is what Harry sees and that’s all that matters. It made me think..hmm that looks like something I could get down with. Not marrying a prince, although if anyone knows one, feel free to send him my way. But, the whole having faith that one day, you’re going to find that someone.

Harry’s had his fair share of the ladies, let’s be honest. But Meghan is his someone, that is plain to see. My parents got married when they were 21, by the time they were 27 they were divorced. This has made me look at marriage in an odd way. I absolutely love a wedding (I’ve certainly been to a fair few!) there’s nothing better than seeing two people come together in such a beautiful way. And I mean, who doesn’t love a buffet? But have I ever had faith that I’d get married one day? Not really. I have had two ‘serious’ boyfriends in my 25 years and you know, I kind of liked them at the time (told you I’m not soppy!) but I’ve never really believed that I will ever feel that pure, undying, marriage worthy love for someone.

But looking at Harry and Meghan, at 33 and 36, clearly experiencing that HUGE amount of love for each other, has perhaps instilled in me the faith I didn’t have before.

Right that’s enough of that..I’ll put soppy Kayleigh back in the box. Just until that someone arrives 😏

Until next time..


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